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This Is the Home Page

I completed the process of totally redoing the CatLover.Org website, from head to toe. In almost all sections, the navigation is across the top of the web page. To use the best gallery and blog software, I am locked into their navigation system. Site navigation in the blog is on the left, at the moment the forum is on hold. The gallery software, I am able to make look pretty much like the rest of the website. The old site was very stagnant. I hope to make this site the opposite. I confess that I manipulated the CSS code of this page because Google was givng me a 'Your page is not mobile-friendly'. If it looks 'wonky' just turn your device sideways, and you should be fine.

I have become a lot more active in the cat rescue and adoption community on a nationwide basis. I hope to extend that to an international basis. I will keep you informed of my actvities, and ways that you can help.

Moderator Needed

In the future, I feel that the heart of a community is an active forum. My last attempt was over ambitious. This time I plan for the forum community to guide the direction of growth. I sure could use a hand in growing this forum. Anyone interesting in moderating here, please contact me. I have only been testing this forum for four days, and sex spammers have already locked on to this board. On the good news side, it seems the security measures I have in place are thwarting the spammers, both sex and otherwise. On the bad news side, no one has signed up for the forum. Somebody please try, just so I know if it works or not.

New Gallery Concept

Once before, I tried an automated system to allow visitors to upload pictures of their cats. As might be expected, spammers figured out how to spoof the system and they flooded the gallery with commercial images selling whatever or porn. Hopefully this newer software will be more effective, and you can share your pictures of your precious little bundles of fur. I am only half way happy with the interface in the gallery, but I need to work on other areas. I will improve on it, so bear with me. Now that I've started on the blog, that raises the gallery improvements to number two. We are getting closer.