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About the Web Site

When my friend Helen, was looking for a domain name for herself, the first one she tried was The second one she tried was When the registration site came back saying it was available, my jaw must have hit the floor. Helen passed away at age 49 from health problems. She only used the domain name for e-mail addresses. With permission from her parents, we transfered the domain name to me. I want to make this a fun and informative site for all of you cat lovers in the world (and the universe if you can get logged in).

My name is Douglas Barnhart. I am 51 and owned by a nine year old heinz 57 breed of cat named Leica. He is mostly black with some brown turtle shell coloring around his shoulders. You can check out the fun section for a story on how he adopted me. I am just about to take my first step into the world of pure bred cats. I am adopting an Ocicat. To learn more about the breed, visit the Ocicat section from the main menu.

I was a Web designer before becoming disabled, but I have never worked with the forum software or the photo gallery software used on this site before. So please be patient with me as I learn how to administrate these programs.

I am open to suggestions on what you would like to see happen on this Web site. Currently you have to join the forums separately from joining the gallery. In the forums, at the bottom of the list is a suggestion forum. The forum page opens in a new window for the time being, because I can't find a way to put the overall site menu in it yet.

Welcome aboard, and lets have fun.