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As you well know, the Web is so fluid, and addresses change so much, I hesitant to even have this section. But.. there ore those who I need to thank, those who are doing special things, and there are just fun places to go. So keep in mind that these links are subject to change or being broken.

Nancy Ede is the founder of Wholly Cats, who runs the kitten rescue and adoption out of her own pocket, with what little help other individuals give. She is one of the few "no kill" shelters in the North Georgia, East Tennessee, and Western North Carolina region, which will take in kittens younger than six weeks old. That is where I got the two newest addtions to my family. She made a profound impression on me, and reinvigorated my desire to help the cat community as a whole.

Click on her logo to the left, and give what you can to help her out. She has also been kind enough to allow me to use many of the pictures you see here on this site (at least to start with).
Angels At The End, is a euthanasia service provided in-home, by licensed veteranarian Dr. Debra Volenec in the Daytona Beach/Volusia County region of Florida. - A great way to find a new cat anywhere in the USA

Catiators Ocicat - The breeder where I bought Wira from.

Wholly Cats - A kitten rescue & adoption mission in GA.

Poopy Cat - An interesting new company, that makes disposeable cat litter boxes and cardboard cat houses..
Canadian Kitty - A Canadian cat lover named Pricilla - Free Cute Cats Ecards

Cherished Pets Remembered - After life products