Living in Daytona Beach, Florida we have a few claims to fame.  Those being our beach you can drive on, Spring Break, Bike Week, but most would probably say that our race track and the birth of NASCAR, is probably the biggest.  What does this have to do with cats, you will see.  Unfortunately, I was not quick enough to capture it on video.  I got home from shopping, dropped a bag in the living room next to the recliner, and took the rest of the things into the kitchen.  If I am in the kitchen, so are the kids.  There is always an off chance that a morsel of food might hit the floor, which is their domain.  Hope springs eternal, and there is no chance of them leaving the kitchen until I do.   Dreams dashed, and no food, we all retire to the living room.

Resting a moment in the chair, the kids remember the bag left there.  It was one of those small plastic bags, that most stores use these days.  Frosti was the first to reach it, which isn’t too surprising since she is the “foodie”.  Fate had it that she stuck her head through one of the handles of the bag.  As she backed away, the bag in tow, attitudes changed.  Panic set in and she took off as fast as her little feet would take her.  She was running behind every piece of furniture, lamp, or garbage can that might disengage Frosti from her captor.   Then it escalated to going over tables, kitchen counters, the bed, desks, and even computer keyboards weren’t safe.  Chester thought Frosti had invented the best game of cat tag ever.  Full speed through an obstacle course, with a take no prisoners attitude.  If it fell or got knocked over, that was just too bad.  Sort of an indoor NASCAR race that goes through the infield.

Frosti is around eight pounds.  At a velocity of 29.8 miles per hour (top speed of a domestic cat), she can topple, or at least get items up to twenty pounds wobbling.  Follow that up with a ten or eleven-pound Chester traveling at probably at a respectable 28 miles per hour (fat doesn’t move as fast) about a foot or two behind.  Any object that was wobbling as Frosti passed, was definitely falling as Chester hit it.  The two cat race exited the living room, into the bathroom over the tub, back out down the hallway, through the office, the bedroom, and back into the living room.  As if that didn’t look ridiculous enough, I am chasing them from room to room, with my limp yelling Frosti, come here.  I will save you.  All told this happened in ten seconds or less.  The bag was one of the really cheap ones and tore loose behind a chair.  Frosti strolls out like nothing happened, cool as a cucumber.