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Rose Needs a New Home

I purchased her in 2012 from a breeder in Maryland(See documents below) in August. She was the smallest kitten of the litter, which is why I'd assume she was cheaper than the rest. She was spayed shortly as soon as she turned 5 months and has never had any medical complications. Now fully developed, she is around 9 lbs (short cat), with a stocky disposition. Loves to perch in high places so she can maintain a bird's eye view. She is HIGHLY independent, only looks for love and affection on her time, but a sweet and loving cat to say the least. In the pictures attached you can see her alongside my Russian Blue mix, so she can be housed with other cats. Please lend a helping hand if at all possible. I would only want her to be put in trust worthy hands. Thank you for your time. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. I can be contacted at Rose